Why its important to test cannabis products? full panel coa

The Importance of Cannabis Testing

At PUFF DELTA, we take joy in ensuring our patrons receive the very best and most secure marijuana commodities on the market. Holding a prominent place in the marijuana trade, we are fully aware of the necessity for strict inspection criteria and are devoted to surpassing the established industry norms. That's why we've partnered with ACS Laboratory, they are the leading independent third-party cannabis laboratory in the United States, to ensure that our products consistently meet and exceed safety and quality standards. In this blog, we'll dive into the significance full-panel testing, focusing on five main aspects: Potency, Chemical Contaminants, Microbial Contaminants, Physical Contaminants, and Terpene Profiles. Additionally, we'll provide a brief overview of cannabis regulation in the United States.

The Importance of Cannabis Testing ❕

A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is an essential document that demonstrates a product's compliance with safety and quality standards. Full Panel Testing, a comprehensive testing approach, is crucial to generating accurate CoAs. This method assesses multiple aspects of cannabis products, including potency, contaminants, and terpene profiles. By allowing independent third-party laboratories to test our products and publish the results publicly, PUFF ensures that our products undergo Full Panel Testing to provide customers with the highest quality and safest products possible.

  • Potency: The details about how strong a product is play a key part in the CoA, letting folks know about the product's power and what's in it. But, it's important to remember that this shouldn't be the only thing people look at - details about any impurities and terpenes need attention too. Usually, the strength of the product is shown as a percent of how much the product weighs in total. This way, people can figure out how strong the product is compared to others and decide how much of it they should use.
  • Chemical Contaminants: We check our products for stuff like pesticides, heavy metals, and leftover chemicals, all of which could be in marijuana products. By doing these tests, we make sure our products don't have any harmful stuff in them, keeping our customers safe and healthy.
  • Microbial Contaminants: Things like mold, harmful toxins made by fungi, and bacteria are all tiny living things that could hurt our customers' health. By testing for these contaminants, we ensure that our products are free from harmful microorganisms, maintaining the highest level of safety for our customers.
    • Physical Contaminants: We understand that physical contaminants, such as heavy metals, dirt, and foreign materials, can compromise the quality and safety of our cannabis products. Testing for these contaminants allows us to provide clean and safe products free from any foreign substances.
    • Terpene Profiles: Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis plants that contribute to their unique flavors and aromas. By profiling the terpenes in our products, we can provide valuable information about their taste, aroma, and potential therapeutic benefits, ensuring our customers have a superior cannabis experience.

    We know that the rules around marijuana use in the United States can change depending on where you are, with some places letting people use it for recreationally, others only allowing it for medical reasons, and some places not letting people use it at all. No matter what a state's rules are, we think all cannabis products should be tested well to make sure they're safe and high-quality. To make this happen, we do Full Panel Testing and get CoAs for our products, which helps us set a high standard for our industry and build trust with our customers.

    As the marijuana business keeps getting bigger and changing, PUFF DELTA stays focused on our promise to give our customers the best and safest products out there. Working with ACS Laboratory helps us stay up-to-date with the latest ways to test marijuana, using new methods and tech to keep getting better at what we do. We believe that being this focused on quality and safety not only helps our customers but also raises the bar for the entire industry.


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